Dr. Richard J. Sharpe: Scientific Papers available online

Dr. Sharpe passed away January 5, 2009 leaving several finished and unfinished manuscripts. His assistant felt that his work should not be lost and has created this website to facilitate the transfer of his ideas for any possible contribution they may have.

The work presented on this website does not include experimental results. These are hypotheses only. Near the end of his life Dr. Sharpe had no means to conduct experiments, but his mind was active and he wished very much to contribute to science. These papers are the results of those efforts.

During his life Dr. Sharpe did have a great many experimental research papers published some of which are available online via the original publications. A list of some of Dr. Sharpe's previously published papers is available from PubMed.gov.

If you have comments or questions regarding Dr. Sharpe's work, you may use his email contact and I will attempt to answer your questions as well as I can.

See the list below for Dr. Sharpe's papers available through this website.

Acetaminophen: The Case for a Link to Neurodegenerative Diseases

Gamma Interferon Induced Organ Regeneration

Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is Possibly Caused by a Dietary Pyrethrum Deficiency